Initiative 07

UKSVK is dedicated to build capacity of its diocesan partners and the concerned community since 1986. Women empowerment is the key area of interventions since its inception.During various follow up visits it is observed that we have various women leaders in the most backward and rural areas. There is need to re-capacitate them so that they can update their knowledge and form an empowerment chain that will serve as a catalyst in assisting women and community in realizing their full potential and exercise their active influence on society and its transformation.

For this, 240 women leaders; 20 each from each diocese of Uttar Pradesh, Uttrarakhand and Rajasthan will be further skilled, sensitized and trained to tap the opportunities and resources. The following three trainings will be organized as follows:

Training Programs:
 Training of women leader /peer educator on social protection schemes and services (old age, widow, differently abled and palanhar schemes etc.
 Training of women leader /peer educator on livelihood and skill development based services for different Income Generation Activities
 Training of women leader / peer educators on services of banks and financial institutions.

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