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The Symbol Reflects the PEOPLE of eight states and one Union Territory of North India, who are the building blocks of the Forum. They stand for the resurgence of the human spirit breaking through the blocks (contrasted by human forms against structured patterns). This is a story from the ancient times as well as the present times and is now cutting across the boundaries of space and time,so far down pressed and suppressed by unbreakable rock like humaly exploitative and degrading situations.

In its foreground, the symbol has the dominant central image of the extended human, who is the envisioned core of human animation thrust and programs.

The circle that encircles the symbol is symbolic of unifying shape and form, relating equity and unity of all humans as one family, on par with all the dignified humanity across the globe (Globe being usually reflected in circular shapes), negating the structures that work counter to it both at local and global levels.

Human Being is One – a complete human is a Collective Person, with a sunrise reflecting the light of humanity. A risen/ liberated human always walks the path lit by noble values of humanity, which sum total is the translation of the poetic vision of Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore who said “Into that haven of freedom my Father, let my PEOPLE* (country) awake”.

(*word ‘PEOPLE’ is our re-reading of the original poem from Gitanjali).

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